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Membership Bylaws approved March 17, 2010 (pdf)

Membership is open to everyone who is interested in Blacksburg High School and / or Virginia Tech athletics. Members are welcome to bring guests, and we are sure after a few visits they will want to become members and help us to support the athletic departments of our two institutions!

Annual dues for a single membership is just $20 and $30 for a couple. The membership year is from July 1 to June 30.
Membership Application (pdf)
Members in good standing enjoy the following benefits:

Life Membership

Life Membership is granted by the Board of Directors to those few outstanding contributors to the honor and success of our Club. There are no specific standards of achievement, and no particular amount of work completed, such that a Life Membership is automatically granted. Rather, it is used by the Board to recognize efforts that the Board feels justifies the honor. It is rarely given, and rightly so. Individuals so recognized should stand out among the membership of the day.

Life Members

Dick Arnold Nancy and Coleman Brittle Wayne Donald Jim Nichols Carole Spencer

Premium Membership

Mark & Sharon Alley Aileen Anthony
Mike & Neal Boyd Charles Burress
HB & Nell Butterworth Frank Gwazdauskas
John & Sharen Hillson Bob & Beverly Hudson
Gary & Jill James Jack & Sharon Leitch
Bob & Anne Lewit David & Sharon Lowe
Tom & Susan Marchi Ronnie & Faye Marcum
Chuck & Andi Parron Jim & Carole Poland
Ed Powell Jim & Carolyn Shockley
Mike & Marnie Slayton Bob & Sarah Smith
Dave & Debbie Smith Todd & Inga Solberg
Ed & Melinda Talley Charles Tilson
Lee & Anne Wheeler Doug & Brenda Winstead
Garland & Barbara McKenzie Dan & Joan Mills Steve & Michelle Valdivieso
Blue & Gold
Bill & Nancy Aden James & Gail Barrell Rich & Libby Carpenter
Joe & Susan Chase Mike & Patti Giles Bob & Rosemary Goss
Mike & Laura Hewitt Roy & Judith Jones Bob Journey & Deidra Reynolds-Journey
Waldron R. Kerns Rick & Shirley Knack Sharon Tilson & Marc Miano
Mike Moore Dale & Patricia Oliver Travis Poole & Marge Bond
Anita Prendez Bob & DeDe Radspinner Jim & Linda Richards
Dave & Linda Smith Mike & Judy Sporakowski
In Memoriam
Earl Acuff
Peggy Arnold
Sally Arnold
Bane Atkinson
Margaret Atkinson
Dick Baker
Dick Bass
Jim Bell
Neal Boyd
Lee Brown
Wayne Campbell
Charlie Catlett
Wayne Cattlett
Ellen Coale
Eldrige Collins
Mary Duvall
Dan Fleming
Joe Fontenot
Curtis Gray
Peggy Gray
Al Guarino, Sr.
Martha Harder
John Hosner
Bob Job
Kreg Kregloe
Mary Louk
Wayne Martin
Stan Musser
Jim Nichols
Agnes Payne
Bill Payne
Bobby Perkins
Perry Power
Dick Quible
Bob Reynods
Curtis Roane
Bob Spencer
Kathleen Wampler
Ann Weisend
Wendy Weisend
Juanita Wightman
Janice Woodward